"Fear is nothing more than a mask. Send it light and it becomes a pathway.
On the other side is a garden."     

—A voice of wisdom
When Spirit Calls, Chapter 11


Dear Friends,
This blog begins with stories that do not appear in When Spirit Calls, either because they did not survive the editing process or because they occurred after mid-1990 when the book's story ends. Many share the common thread of my  being led into an unexpected experience. Others will tell of my questionings or times when I didn't listen to the inner voice; and still others, of wisdom I'm shown. 
As I was writing When Spirit Calls, I saw how time and time again I would be called into a new experience that would often lead to healing of my body and/or soul. The calls would come through physical crises, a letter in the mail, a phone conversation, a newspaper column, planned or unexpected visits, synchronistic events, healing sessions or trips to foreign countries. Sometimes a spirit wind would call in my ears. Or my heart would feel an intuitive sense of movement. The intuition might be accompanied by tears, joy or excitement; or it might bring unease, fear and a pain in my back that wouldn't let go. I came to see back pain as a teacher.
Sometimes I had to be patient, waiting uncomfortably for answers. But repeatedly, as I moved through the dark places and encountered my resistance, clarity would come, along with a sense of peace and conviction. Something important would often manifest in my life, while insights into the mystery of divine love and connection would be revealed.
Along the way, I heard predictions of chaos that would envelop our planet. At the time, the likelihood of social, economic, political and climatic instability seemed distant and unreal. Now, in 2018, it appears to be closing in. I believe the way through uncertain times is to listen to how we are called to heal ourselves and in so doing, transform the world. "Solutions" can manifest if we open our hearts and trust. I hope this book will encourage readers to welcome this divine possibility.
                                                                                                 —Joan Diver